Global Leadership

Committed to: making a positive impact, inspiring others, taking on challenges, and growing into better leaders together... both locally and globally.


Before checking the list, please understand that there were over 100 applicants, most of whom were highly qualified and met all application expectations. However, the reality is that we can only accept a small number of students into the program for a variety of reasons. Students were selected based on a combination of data points and qualifications including: completion of all application requirements, teacher input (observations and recommendations), quality of application essays and videos, grades, behavior, unique skills, and group dynamics.  

Be sure to check the Kinard CARES and Environmental Leadership websites to see if you have been placed on another leadership elective roster, and remember that many leadership opportunities await you in high school and beyond! Thank you so much for all of the quality applications that we received this year. We have some OUTSTANDING students at Kinard.


What is GL?

Global Leadership is a year-long elective class centered on building leaders locally and globally. The focus of this elective is to learn service leadership in our school, community, and world.  We will partner with No Barriers, a local non-profit, to travel to Central America. Students will engage in service learning, gather culture experiences that foster an authentic worldview, and develop an understanding of leadership in the 21st century. The four-quarter curriculum includes service leadership, team building, art, science, culture, and communication.

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Classroom and Curriculum

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Service Learning

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Travel to Costa Rica




GL 2019-2020 Sets Record with Cans Around the Oval Collection

We did it again! This October GL organized the canned food drive in which Kinard community donated the equivalent of over 17,000 pounds of food to the Larimer County Food Bank. This contribution, a combination of cash donations and canned food items, is an all-time high for Kinard, a third year in a row! Click here to read more in the Kinard Newsletter.


Hal Kinard Visits to Speak with GL Class

In November, our school namesake, Hal Kinard, taught an entertaining class full of stories and advice from his many years of leadership as an educator, coach, and mentor.  Mr. Kinard's advice included "Be kind, stay humble, and never forget where you came from and who raised you."

“Traveling to Costa Rica with Kinard Global Leadership was hands-down the best ten days of my life.  This class was an invaluable part of my education.”

Sebastian, GL Class of 2017-2018



Kaitlyn Truelove, Program Leader and Classroom Teacher: (970) 488-5461

Marc Pravlik, Program Leader and Classroom Teacher: (970) 488-5474